A circumnavigating catamaran

Swingin’ on a Star

Swingin' on a Star in the Tobago Cays


Welcome to the Web Log for the circumnavigating sailing vessel Swingin' on a Star. Swingin’ on a Star is resting on her mooring in Palau presently.

Our daily log is maintained via the excellent Sailblogs service. We try to record one blog per day when we are sailing but often don’t have a chance to update the web for a week or so. At the Blog Site you will find:

· All of our log text and photo/video entries

· A position map and Google Earth overlay

· Photo Galleries

Have a look:

You can find out a little about us on the Crew page. The Boat page provides a description and photos of our home. The Travels page provides an overview of our journey. Interesting and related links can be found on the Links page. This site was designed with Microsoft tools so of course it is best viewed with  Mozilla Firefox (don’t ask me…).

Fair Winds,

Randy & Hideko

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